Hi everyone! I am so excited! I am having a book signing/reading event here in Winchester, VA at The Winchester Book Gallery in Old Town Winchester. It will be held from 2-4 pm On Saturday May 20. 2017. I will be reading my newest children’s book. Am I YOUR Pet?” I hope you can come and bring your children! https://www.facebook.com/events/2075479619345395/?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%2222%22%2C%22feed_story_type%22%3A%2222%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%

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Monday Night Musings – Fall Activation

Monday Night Musings!
I do not know how all of you feel but for me the Fall is a time of Activation. A time of both amazing inner and outer activity. I have to agree with the Celts whom believed that Halloween /Samhain began the New Year. I would say so too. I have been redecorating, dusting, sweeping, de-cluttering and getting ready for the process of beginning anew. Maybe it is because I am looking toward my birthday, or maybe it is because Fall seems to be the time of both danger and delight, but I feel alive, I feel invigorated and I feel Nature in all her beauty transforming around me. Happy Fall everyone, Happy New year….

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Ghost Stories UK

Ghost Stories UK.

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New Release: The Moonsparrow Collection by Carolyn Wolfe

So, I Read This Book Today


The Moonsparrow Collection is comprised of a tapestry of Tall Tales, Myth and Magic. This compilation of tales is the best of Ms. Wolfe’s original published and unpublished Short Stories, and includes the stories that she has introduced at local public writing events and festivals. The subject matter ranges from: A woman who turns a small town on its ear, to: a Magical midnight concert in the woods. It is a light journey into a magical world when anything can happen, and usually does.



Title: The Moonsparrow Collection
Author: Carolyn Wolfe
Publisher: Avid Readers Publishing Group
Genre: Women’s Fiction/Magical Realism/Short fantasy and feminist stories
Format: Paperback Cover, Kindle version

Excerpt from The Moonsparrow Collection

 Moonsparrow_Cover_Carolyn_Wolfe[1]Mark U. Rye

This does not have any dragons or sword and sorcery, as a matter of fact it is more of a tall tale, but I think you just might recognize the main character…

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New Release: The Moonsparrow Collection by Carolyn Wolfe

New Release: The Moonsparrow Collection by Carolyn Wolfe.

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The Moonsparrow Collection Blog Tour Schedule- 2014

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to share my Virtual Tour Schedule of my book “The Moonsparrow Collection” with all of you! Please drop by and take a peek. There is also a Book Giveaway that you can sign up for. Please go to the Post that reads “My Devotional Thoughts” to sign up (it is on the Sept. 3rd listing! Thank you for all of your support and interest in my books!

September 2

Guest Post at How To Write Better

September 3

Guest Post and Giveaway at My Devotional Thoughts

September 4

Interview at Rebecca’s Writing Services

September 8

Guest Post at What is that book about

September 9

Guest Post at Confessions of a Reader

September 10

Interview at The Hot Author Report

September 11

Spotlight at Musings By Maureen

September 12

Guest post at So I Read This Book Today

September 15

Guest post at Thoughts in Progress

September 19

Spotlight and Giveaway at Book Hounds

September 22

Guest Post at Saph’s Book Blog

September 26

Book Reviewed at WV Stitcher

September 27

Guest Post and Giveaway at Lori’s Reading Corner


Lori’s Reading Corner

Pull up a chair and let’s talk books

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Waking Up

I believe that this decision to not teach us when we are young, that those animals that we call “livestock” can grieve, need social interaction, protect each other and other species, can love unconditionally, can feel joy, can suffer horribly, can grieve. I believe this decision, for decision this was, made by those who profit from the abuse, terror and slaughter of animals, was made for one reason. If most people knew the secret, the secret that the animals that they consume, have lives of their own, feelings of their own, can love, can cry, can understand exactly what is being done to them, then our very souls would rebel. I believe though, that right now, this awakening is happening. We are awake to their suffering, and best of all we can end it. Please choose compassion over killing. Please.

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