What to Expect When You are an author


What to expect Now that You’re an Author!


We all know about the rejection slip quip about if you haven’t wall papered your room with these slips, you are not trying hard enough!

While rejection is still very much a part of the writer’s life,

this is happening less often now that the stigma against self publishing has been all but eradicated. The Publishing Biz has changed and this opens up a lot of wonderful opportunities to writers! Indie Publishing, and wonderful sites like “Smashwords”, are abundant!

It is a wonderful time for writers since there is a much more level playing field.

Now, you have published your book- what’s next?

I think that depends on your expectations.

If you go into this business (and it is a business as well as a craft) you are going to have to understand that there is a business side to all this. Marketing, promoting, networking and researching all go into making your work get seen!

Great, and you thought writing was hard! Most of the ideas for promoting are pretty straightforwrd- an authors website, social networking, book readings, signings and virtual tours are all a part of the Marketing package. Now you are published and promoted- next?

Next understand that you are a writer, that this is your dream, your vision and whether your book is a best seller or not, it is a dream come true. And you will always, always, always write!

It is in the blood!

Will you get rich? Well, that I cannot tell you, but I can say that you should enjoy the journey, the completion of one book, the beginning of another and yet do not let yourself rise or fall on account of sales. Being an Author enriches your life, it is a wonderful way to express yourself, help others, tell a great story…

it is not the whole of who you are…. Writer’s that expect too much and then when they do not receive the fame, acclaim or money- they become discouraged, depressed and give up.

Writing is a part of you, but only a part, there is a whole universe of who you are… let writing enrich your life, but not dictate whether you are worthy of love, friendship, happiness, etc. that is up to you, not your book.

Be happy with small successes, celebrate every part of your journey and you will be a very successful writer indeed!







About wolfecarolyn

I am an author and free-lance writer that has had 5 books published. I love writing, singing karaoke and am an animal activist and vegetarian.
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