A Celtic Tapestry- To be released March 21, 2013

A Celtic Tapestry–The Newest Book  From Moon Rose Publishing

An Exciting New Anthology That Puts  Its Own Spin On The Year–Celtic Year, That Is!

United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland — Free-Press-Release.com– Dec  3, 2012 — An anthology from  several talented writers will be released in March 2013 by Moon Rose Publishing.  It will be a collection of eight stories, each focussing around one festival of  the Celtic year, in various genres, styles, and all with a romantic edge. The  very title of the book conjures up ideas of something magical, ‘A Celtic  Tapestry’.
Moon Rose Publishing is a new indie publishing company, that  focusses on great books from talented authors, without following the trends that  traditional publishers do. So when this idea was suggested by another author  (who is also featured in the book) they had to do it! Each story within the  book, named ‘A Celtic Tapestry’, follows a romantic angle–but all of them have  their own twists. There will be Historical, Paranormal, Contemporary, and  Fantasy genres, as well as many others! Each festival has its own touch from the  author writing it. Imbolc involves a young writer who finds his inspiration in a  firey goddess, Samhain is still truly dark and shadowy when a young girl is  plagued by ghostly figures of the past, and Lammas draws on the legends of  Selkies and the Scottish.
Miranda Stork, the owner of Moon Rose  Publishing, and also one of the authors taking part in ‘A Celtic Tapestry’, had  this to say; “Although the anthology has clear Pagan and Celtic roots, this is a  book that absolutely anyone can enjoy. There is truly something for everyone in  this book, because the authors themselves are so varied in what they normally  write. It’s a real showcase of what can be done amongst indie authors when they  work together to create something wonderful for their readers.”
The book  features authors who dabble in all genres, and all have success with their own  indie-published books. Livia Ellis, Tara Stogner Wood, Hunter S. Jones, Carolyn  Wolfe, Laura De Luca, Elodie Parkes, Elle J. Rossi, and Miranda Stork are all  taking part in the anthology. The book will be available in both print and ebook  format from 21st March 2013, from Amazon and the Moon Rose Publishing site.
All authors are available for interview and more information, please contact  Moon Rose Publishing.

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Moon Rose Publishing Miranda  Stork 07508658521 http://www.moonrosepublishing.com/


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I am an author and free-lance writer that has had 5 books published. I love writing, singing karaoke and am an animal activist and vegetarian.
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