Texting- The Next Evolutionary Step in The English Language

Is Texting- The “New” English?
(Saturday morning Ponderings by Carolyn Wolfe)
In school most of us are taught to read the Sonnets or plays of Shakespeare. Olde English  can be difficult for us to follow, though beautiful to read and some  of the words, such as Thee and Thou, have fallen from our vocabulary altogether. As I was pondering this, I thought about how our own language is evolving. Many people now do not write emails or texts in full sentences, reverting to  U R ♥ or LOL, or simply a smiley face! The beautiful and elegant turn of phrase that use to be the hallmark of a writer, and defined the times; such as the works of Jane Austin, or even the darker imagery of the Master of Horror- Edgar Allen Poe, has long since fallen to the wayside. Now even our far less elegant way of speaking and writing, is giving way to  acronym’s, abbreviated sentences and words, or simply pictures. I wonder if this written and verbal shortcutting of our language and the way that we communicate with each other will affect how we think? Could this type of communication be shortening our already shortened attention span? Is  this really the next step in the evolution of the English Language? Will we start speaking to each in an abbreviated manner as well? Is the full sentence forever doomed? Being a writer, and loving words the way I do- I certainly hope not!
What say you? I would love to hear  how you feel about this subject!

About wolfecarolyn

I am an author and free-lance writer that has had 5 books published. I love writing, singing karaoke and am an animal activist and vegetarian.
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