Commercial Interuptus-Please! ( A Seasonal Rant)

Commercial interruptus- please!
Is anyone else  both flabbergasted and appalled by the use of charming, beautiful and beloved Christmas Carols being used to  promote mindless buying of goods? Let’s go Caroling turns into  lets go sales hunting? Really? Is this  the character that our Country has dumbed down to? Is anyone enjoying  seeing timeless classic carols turned into jingles? (Please excuse the pun.)
I am increasingly disheartened by the  marketing industry’s crass content but this is low  even for them. Mute button at the ready I  turn off the sound of these terminally cheerful about greed commercials and do something useful, like take out the garbage.   Greed is good is outdated and frankly I am sick and tired of  the  idea that consumers are mindless idiots ready to  be cajoled into whatever they put into our brains that we need. I need  to buy smarter products that save the  planet, save animals and  create health for society, so  if  the advertising wizards want  my attention, do not  treat me like an idiot, nor ransack timeless favorite songs to get my attention. Get real. Products that are obsolete before they are  sold to the public, gadgets that  are  produced to fail in a short amount of time and  goods that are  built by slave labor, is doing a great disservice to the planet and the public. Let’s have a commercial about that. Until commercials get real, the mute button is  my best friend. Maybe the advertisers will wake up  a year smarter in 2014, there is always hope.   Until then Buyer be aware!!!

About wolfecarolyn

I am an author and free-lance writer that has had 5 books published. I love writing, singing karaoke and am an animal activist and vegetarian.
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