Monday Night Musings – Fall Activation

Monday Night Musings!
I do not know how all of you feel but for me the Fall is a time of Activation. A time of both amazing inner and outer activity. I have to agree with the Celts whom believed that Halloween /Samhain began the New Year. I would say so too. I have been redecorating, dusting, sweeping, de-cluttering and getting ready for the process of beginning anew. Maybe it is because I am looking toward my birthday, or maybe it is because Fall seems to be the time of both danger and delight, but I feel alive, I feel invigorated and I feel Nature in all her beauty transforming around me. Happy Fall everyone, Happy New year….


About wolfecarolyn

I am an author and free-lance writer that has had 5 books published. I love writing, singing karaoke and am an animal activist and vegetarian.
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