A little about me

Greetings, my name is Carolyn Wolfe and I am an Free-lance writer and Author of six books. I am excited about blogging here because i would love to dialogue with other writers.

I love writing, blogging, and interacting with other writers about all aspects of the writing field. I also coordinate a local poetry group called “The Downtown Poets of Winchester”(VA). My writing focus has been on poetry, children’s books, and short fantasy stories. I also free-lance for local newspapers in my area. Like many writers, I am a
multi- tasker and love to work on more than one project at a time!

A little about my background, Although I am American, I was born in England just outside of London. My parents returned to America when I was just a baby and I enjoy dual citizenship which delights me. I grew up reading stories about “Noddy and Big Thumb”, among other British classics for children, and it has been commented that my style of writing reflects a little of my British background. I would like to think so!

I am currently living in Winchester, VA with my husband Scott and many animal companions. My website address is http://www.whenthemoonspeaks.com for more info!


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